As the largest garment manufacturer in Indonesia, PT. Pan Brothers Tbk’s main area of business lies in garment manufacturing. PBRX’s subsidiaries are also involved in secondary processes that further enhance the value of garment pieces being produced by the company. These processes include Embroidery, Printing, and Washing. PBRX currently owns and operates garment production facilities in Western and Central Java – namely Tangerang, Bandung, Tasikmalaya, Boyolali, Sragen, and Ungaran. As of 2019, the total production capacity of all facilities amount to 117 million garment pieces (for mixed product categories). The company has set a target to increase its production capacity to 130 million garment pieces annually in 2021.
Currently, PBRX’s key product segments consist of Sports Wear, Premium Lifestyle Apparel, Outdoor and Performance Apparel, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Our long-standing relationships with numerous Top Global Fashion and Apparel Brands is a testament to our company’s commitment to operational excellence and responsibility in our production of Medium to High Complexity Products. Our primary businesses are export-oriented, with most of our products reaching destinations across the world, such as the US, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We also have offices throughout Asia such as Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong to serve customers in regional & global markets.



Machine with the new technology adopted in Industry 4.0 ERA


Our hanger line increases production efficiency by using automation and digitalization with real time data tracking


All sample garment development is carried out in a centralized product development center and dedicated sample room. This enables us to streamline the entire development process, minimize lead times and ultimately deliver the best quality finished product to our customers


We have a dedicated sample room where we design, develop, test, and produce various garment products requested by the buyer - ensuring that we meet their quality and design specifications.


Our lab facilities conduct physical, visual, and mechanical tests to assess and ensure that every garment product meets consumer safety standards and regulatory requirements of our buyers' market destination


Seamless integration of manufacturing and business process