In our efforts to make a strong economic contribution with least negative impact to our ecosystem, the company has established the Internal Sustainability Advisory Committee (ISAC Committee) and Sustainability Task Force (T2K) to reaffirm company`s commitment in implementing our sustainable development program as an integral part of the company`s day-to-day activities. By the issuance of Directors Decree (SK) No. 015 / SK / Directors / VIII / 2020, the ISAC Committee provides direction and supervision to all committee members, as led by the chairman, in planning and implementing sustainability programs in PT Pan Brothers Tbk and its Subsidiaries.

The ISAC Committee has established a "Sustainability Strategy" by putting forward the concept of the "Triple Bottom Line" or 3P (People, Planet, and Profit) to provide benefits for all stakeholders including workforce, environment and business itself.
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Board of Chairperson
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The T2K, under the supervision of chairperson of ISAC Committee, is responsible for implementing and succeeding all sustainability programs in PT. Pan Brothers Tbk its Subsidiaries
Sustainability CoordinatorField CordinatorInformation & Management DataDewi Sri Nurwanti, Marlina Sihotang, Sari SimbolonSasih Suarsih (Acih), Chaerunnisa, Lany Indrawati, Mia Meliana, Prasetyo, Pie Ing, Ayun, Harjanto, Denny SambohLocationJakartaTangerangDasukiBantenSyaiful, VictorTasikmalayaAnik Kuswandari, Arinda Ratna Sari, Elysia, Erwin, Fuad Hasan, Hendrik B. Nata, Miki Andydharma, Tursini, Yuni Ratnasari, Yusi HersantiButuh - BoyolaliImam Bakhri, LusianaIwan SustriawanWahyu B. Effendi, Warih SugiartaWillyam Susilo, Everit, Bellani RizkianiMultimedia & DesignDipa P. Prihatno, Luthfi GunadiSambi, Klego - BoyolaliSemarangSragen