As a public and labor-intensive company, human capital development programs are a very important part of our company policy. With nearly 30,000 employees across our integrated apparel manufacturing facilities, our people make up the heart of our business. Through increasing skills, preparing quality education, providing wide opportunity for innovation and encouraging gender equality at every level of our organization, and we strive to make a positive impact for the development of our people and their surrounding communities.
More broadly, PBRX supports the Government of Indonesia in poverty alleviation programs by providing quality jobs to the wider community, including persons with disabilities. Through the partnership program, we also participate in supporting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to sustain and succeed in their businesses. We also champion equal opportunity - regardless of gender, race, or ethnicity, we pride ourselves in having a diverse and inclusive workforce. In line with SDG goals 1, 4, 5, and 8, we strive to make use of our available resources for the betterment of people in Indonesia and beyond.

Goal 1 – No Poverty

Target 1.2. To support the Government of Indonesia in reducing the number of people below the poverty line by providing employment in PT. Pan Brothers Tbk and Group.
PBRX is committed to advancing the economic empowerment of the individuals, including the development of MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium enterprises). Through this commitment to ensure better livelihoods for all, the company has launched and implemented several programs to support Indonesian government in reducing the number of people living below the poverty line:
Partnerships with MSMEs
Canteens for employees
With over 30,000 employees across all PBRX facilities, providing nutritious, affordable food is an important necessity. In partnership with food vendors and canteen owners in the local community, we have successfully facilitated 23 MSEs to open canteens/food stalls within the company’s surroundings. With total annual sales of nearly 467 million IDR in 2020 alone, the objective of this program is to nurture the financial sustainability and income generation of canteen owners and local community members engaged in the food business. Our goal is to expand these partnerships across all the company’s locations by 2021.
Partnership program with local suppliers
Through the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), the Indonesian government has appointed PT Pan Brothers Tbk as one of the 50 Largest Enterprises in Indonesia to engage in partnerships with local MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) as suppliers of materials within the provinces where the company is located.

The company creates opportunities for MSMEs to be direct suppliers of the company and continually provides assistance and direction to ensure compliance with global standards and requirements. This program is a direct representation of our commitment to promote the growth of local businesses in a sustainable and globally competitive way.
Local Community Empowerment Programs
The company also helps local community members gain specialized skills through the 'Sewing Training' program at the 'Garment Course Center' facility in collaboration with several government agencies such as BLK (Job Training Center) Surakarta, the BBPLK (Center for Job Training Indonesia) Semarang, BDI (Industrial Training Center) Jakarta and Surabaya.

This training is intended for prospective non-skilled employees and aims to provide employment opportunities for unskilled workers through what is known as 3-in-1 Training and Education, starting with competency- based training, certification, and work placement. The total trainees who participated in 2019 reached 3447 individuals, which exceeds our initial target of 1840 participants (87% higher than the target).
Table - 2019 Training Achievement
2020 (Q3) Garment Course Centre Training

Goal 4 – Quality Education

Target 4.4. To provide technical skills and vocational training to teens, young adults and mature adults related to business functions of PT. Pan Brothers Tbk and Group to enhance employability and encourage entrepreneurship.
Given the labor-intensive nature of our industry, PBRX’s most valuable capital is undoubtedly our employees. Our people represent the heart of our business, the face of our brand, and the energy that drives our business. Their passion for quality, devotion to detail, and their innovative attitude enables us as a company to progressively provide products and services that are sustainable to our clients.

Recognizing the value of quality education, PBRX has provided various education and training opportunities for the career development and skill enhancement of our employees - regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity and religion – including disabilities. Our internal performance reviews also ensure more effective organizational development and provide our employees with greater avenues for personal and professional growth.
Vocational training program with AK Tekstil
(Textile and Textile Product Industry Community Academy in Surakarta)
This program aims to improve the quality of the company’s internal human resources by providing to the opportunities for employees to engage in a 1-2 year vocational education program based on the competencies of the garment industry at AK Tekstil Surakarta. Classified into the regular class and industry class, the program is open to both high-school/university graduates interested in joining PBRX and existing employees of PBRX and its subsidiaries. To date, we have onboarded 227 participants into the program.
Table of Participants at AK Tekstil in 2019
* In 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic cannot accept participants who more.
Professional Training Program with Global Partners and Buyers
One of our main targets in 2021 is to engage in more meaningful partnerships with our partners and buyers at a global level. While COVID-19 has temporarily halted these plans, we have developed a study abroad opportunity for our company’s best-performing employees so they can continue their studies abroad and further develop their skills. For the pilot project, PBRX will send 2 employees to continue their education in Germany, one of the partner countries.

Partnering with our buyers, we have also planned another scholarship project to provide opportunities for our employees to get vocational training at each of the partners' training centers for at least 3 months to expand their knowledge of the garment industry.
Types of Competency Certification
* In 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic cannot accept participants who more
Academic Scholarship Program
The company is also committed and actively involved in government programs to prepare affordable, quality education for the Indonesian people. To date, PBRX has provided over 631 academic scholarships to employees’ family members and members of the community. Our scholarship program is available for students at any educational level, from elementary school to master’s program. This program certifies the company’s care and commitment towards providing greater access to educational opportunities for our community members, in the hope of improving their future livelihoods.
Table of Scholarship Recipients for Employees Academic Year Calendar 2019/2020
Professional Training Program with Global Partners and Buyer
One of our main targets in 2021 is to engage in more meaningful partnerships with our partners and buyers at a global level. While COVID-19 has temporarily halted these plans, we have developed a study abroad opportunity for our company’s best-performing employees so they can continue their studies abroad and further develop their skills. For the pilot project, PBRX will send 2 employees to continue their education in Germany, one of the partner countries.

Partnering with our buyers, we have also planned another scholarship project to provide opportunities for our employees to get vocational training at each of the partners' training centers for at least 3 months to expand their knowledge of the garment industry.

Goal 5 – Gender Equality

Target 5.5. To provide equal opportunity to women so that they can participate in the management function at all levels in PT Pan Brothers Tbk and Group and grow as leaders.
Given the nature of our work, we strive to promote gender equality at all levels of our organization and across our PBRX facilities. As one of the founders of the 'Indonesia Business Coalition for Women Empowerment' (IBCWE), PBRX is committed to advancing gender equality in the workplace and women's economic empowerment in Indonesia. Represented by the Vice CEO of PT. Pan Brothers Tbk, Mrs. Anne Patricia Sutanto has been appointed as a member of the IBCWE Board of Trustees. The company has also received EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) Certification – the first EDGE certification in Indonesia from five pioneering certification recipients, including PT. Tira Austenite Tbk, PT. Pan Brothers Tbk, PT. Adis Dimension Footwear, PT. Accenture Indonesia and PT. Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL).
Management Development Program (MDP)
The MDP is a 6-month training program designed to prepare national university students to become future leaders at the firm. Open to fresh graduates at the bachelor level, this program is open twice a year and and promotes gender equality principles as both female and male students have equal opportunity to join. After completing the 7th cycle at the end of 2020, we have successfully onboarded 146 participants from various universities across Indonesia into the program.

The ratio of female and male participants was 50:50. In line with target 5.5, the MDP program strives to create an inclusive professional development program and prepare reliable, competent, and professional human capital in accordance with the company’s core mission as a leader in the garment industry – equip ping participants with leadership, teamwork, and more technical skills that reflect the complexity of our day-to-day activities as a garment manufacturing business.
Women’s Empowerment
On November 17, 2020, PT Pan Brothers Tbk has signed a CEO Statement of Support for the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEP) in the workplace, business activities, and communities. The signing of this commitment is a concrete form of the company's support for the global community to empower women under the United Nations Women and the United Nations Global Compact. According to data from UN Women, more than 1,900 entrepreneurs around the world have been involved in the WEP commitment.
Firm-wide Women’s Program for Health and Productivity
(Gerakan Pekerja Perempuan Sehat Produktif/ GP2SP)
The company also looks after the health of our female employees through the GP2SP health and productivity program where we provide pregnant women with medical check-up privileges, lactation room, and seats for those who usually work standing, among others benefits. The company also gives female workers 3-months of paid leave after giving birth as part of the national policy.
Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation
Target 6.1. To provide clean water to the surrounding communities where PT Pan Brothers Tbk and Group are located
Clean Water Program for the Community
PT Pan Brothers Tbk has partnered with Columbia Sportswear to build a tower of clean and ready-to-drink water, located at SDN Mudal 1 Boyolali, Central Java. This project has a positive impact for the students and teachers at the school as well as for the surrounding community to access clean water. The purpose of this program is to prevent disease transmission through water, provide access to clean and ready-to-drink water, and promote healthy and clean living. This program has afforded the community the ability to access 1,000 liters of water per hour, which can be used by the surrounding community in Mudal Village, which has a population of around 1,200 people.
Distribution of Masks and PPE (Personal and Protective Equipment)
To prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our company and surrounding communities, PBRX has engaged in the provision and distribution of free masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) – having distributed 400,000+ non-medical cloth masks for free to our community members in Central and Western Java. We work in partnership with the following government offices and community stakeholders to ensure effective and widespread distribution of masks :
  1. Polres Kab. Boyolali dan Tangerang Kota
  2. Polsek Bergas dan Tasikmalaya
  3. Dinas Perindustrian dan Perdagangan Kab. Boyolali
  4. Dinas Kesehatan Kab. Boyolali
  5. PMI Kab. Boyolali dan Tasikmalaya
  6. Dinas Pekerjaan Umum Kab. Boyolali
  7. Dinas Koperasi dan Tenaga Kerja Kab. Boyolali
  8. Dinas Perhubungan Kab. Boyolali
  9. Dinas Lingkungan Hidup Tangerang
  10. Labor Unions Kota Tangerang
  11. Convenience store owners and surrounding community members
Mobile Clean Water Supply
On September and October of 2019 at a time of great water distress, the company provided mobile clean water supply to the village of Denanyar and Dukuh – both of which are located in the sub-district of Tangen, Sragen
Goal 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth
Target 8.1. To support the Government of Indonesia in enhancing economic growth and per capita income by creating job opportunities within PT Pan Brothers Tbk and Group
Target 8.5. To support productive employment and fair employment programs with equal pay and facilities for all, including for young people and for physically challenged people
Fair & Equal Employment Opportunity
With over 30,000 people employed across all PBRX facilities, PBRX is committed to providing ample job opportunities and employee training programs for all, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and/or physical disability. We are proud to have a diverse and inclusive workforce, most of whom are female – a testament of our commitment to principles of non-discrimination and equality as mandated by the Indonesian Constitution, UUD 1945. To build an inclusive work environment in accordance with the mandate of Persons with Disabilities Act Number 8 of 2016 , PBRX also provides opportunities for employees with disabilities to be able to contribute with their abilities and skills. In accordance with the 2021 regional and national minimum wage standard as per the Indonesian Government’s decree – otherwise known as Upah Minimum Kabupaten/Kota or UMK – we also ensure that all employees across PBRX facilities receive a fair wage for their hard work.
Prevention of Child Labor
As per the Manpower Act Number 13 of 2003 and Law Number 20 of 1999 which has ratified the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention Number 138 of 1973 concerning Minimum Age for Admission to Employment, PBRX respects and implements labor regulations by not recruiting manpower under the age of 18.
Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
Referring to Law Number 21 of 2000 regarding Workers Union / Labor Union, PBRX respects and complies with these regulations by giving freedom for employees to form a labor union. At PBRX, we allow the formation and establishment of labor unions as a vehicle for our employees to voice their collective concerns and thoughts with the organization
PBRX Employees by Gender, Age, Education Level, and Level Position
Description 2020 2019 2018
Female 18,471 27,059 25,985
Male 12,209 11,153 11,298
Description 2020 2019 2018
18 - 30 20,308 26,828 25,756
31 - 40 7,001 8,719 8,718
41 - 50 2,903 2,350 2,484
51 - above 468 315 325
Description 2020 2019 2018
Master 18 18 18
Bachelor 1,102 842 840
Collega 482 565 545
High School 21,222 24,872 23,964
Below High School 7,856 11,915 11,916
Description 2020 2019 2018
Directors 15 15 15
General Manager 28 30 30
Managerial 291 565 296
Supervisory 1,688 281 271
Staff 1,636 1,377 1,327
Non Staff 27,022 36,208 35,364
PBRX Manpower Disabilities

Occupational Health and Safety
To create a safe and healthy work environment, PBRX has implemented occupational health and safety programs - otherwise known as K3 (keselamatan dan kesehatan kerja) – in accordance with global compliance standards ISO 45001 : 2018 and OHSAS 18001 : 2007. Our dedicated occupational health and safety or P2K3 (Panitia Pembina K3) committee and the Indonesian Health Department (Dinas Kesehatan) conduct regular training programs every 3-6 months, ranging from topics such as industrial emergency response, risk management, disease prevention etc. For employee health purposes, we also have in-house polyclinics across all our production facilities. To ensure optimal nutrition for our people, we have also set up a bi-weekly nutrition program – providing milk to our employees in several factories across Central Java every 2 weeks. Our next goal is to upgrade and expand these nutritional programs in all the locations we operate in.
COVID-19 Protocol
In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we have also implemented work safety procedures in accordance with national and global health protocols. Since the start of the pandemic, we have given all our employees and their families personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, and for our front-line workers, face shields and hazmat suits. Our COVID-19 front-line workers ensure that our employees follow our 3M (memakai masker, menjaga jarak, mencuci tangan) policy, which mandates all workers to wear a mask, practice safe social distancing, and wash their hands or sanitize regularly.

Across our garment production facilities, the company has also adjusted the work schedule through creating additional work shifts to minimize employee traffic during lunch time hours, implementing stricter overtime schedule, and maintaining safe distance between workers’ tables in the garment production line